Keep Chuggin’ Along

What happens when luck does not go your way?  When one thing after another hits you and you feel like you are in the ground so deep that there is not anyway possible for you to get back on your feet?  Some people take the easy way out, sit there and feel sorry for yourself and think that everyone should feel sorry for you too.  That is the easiest thing to do, just play the blame game and have yourself a pity party.  Why?  What and how are things going to change for you if you don’t get back up and keep going?

Things add up in your life; bills, work, family, stress, money, and so many other things.  There will be that one day when you sit there and say, what the hell am I going to do?  The answer will not come to you, the Great Wall of China was not built overnight.  It takes time, but you say I don’t have time.  Lie, you do!  Get up and keep pushing through, things will get better.  Life will turn your way, you are in a low point and everyone has them and if they say they don’t, well I am pretty sure they are not telling the truth.

I am writing about this today because sometimes I feel that way.  I feel like what else can be thrown at me.  I have had a wonderful family to help me see one main thing in my life, keep chuggin along.  It’s so true, you have to keep going, push through what you think you can’t.  I will use a triathlon reference to this statement; there was a point, most likely many points in my Ironman where I was thinking, this is hard, this sucks, it is hot, I am hungry, I need to pee but I am on the bike (yea, that was for humor, but you have to go while on the bike so you just let it go), I want a bed, I want a shower.  All of these things went through my head but I had one goal in mind that day, run across the finish line smiling.

Ironman and ultra running is much like life, you have to push through the pain and keep going, good things will come.  Quitting is the easy way out, you will learn a lot about yourself when you are suffering the most.  I am thinking about getting a new tattoo with a saying that has been with me for years now,”Pain is fear leaving the body”.  Yea I know how it sounds but that is how I am wired.  So anyway, random post but stop and think about it the next time you think the world feels like it ends, keep chuggin along.

Check out the words to this song.  It’s a good one!


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