Good Things Come!

When you keep chuggin along, something always good comes out of it.  And this week it did.  Okay so a couple of weeks ago my friend sent me a link for a sponsorship for Gatorade G Series Elite team.  I filled it out like I have done before and sent it off, totally forgetting about it.  I was sure they get so many applications that I was not what they were looking for, since they only wanted 15 people for it.  Well last night while doing a trainer ride since it was so bloody hot I got an email on my phone.  The first line said it all,”Congratulations! We are pleased to announce that you have been selected to become a member of the 2011 G Series Pro Elite Tribe, Digital Ambassador Team!”  Holy cow could this be for real.  I opened the attachments and yes, it was for real.  I talked to my roommate about it and he said that he use to follow the G Series Team on  Then I knew it was for real.

So this morning I signed all the paperwork and sent it in.  I am super stoked and getting to represent Gatorade G Series is very cool, since I use their products in all my training and they keep me going while at work and recovering.  It is pretty crazy stuff.  I will have to do a lot of stuff on the internet with forums/ blogs and can’t wait to spread the word about G Series.

I tell you that to tell you this, keep pushing along and good things will come when you think they won’t.  Okay well it is Friday and the weekend is almost here, I can smell it already.  Have a great Aloha Friday everyone and enjoy the weekend!




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