Training Chronicals

Well the training is kicking back into full swing with this week being a big build week.  I love build weeks, you get to see all of your training pushed to the limits.  While normally I would be stoked about all the training outside, this week, as it was last week, is hot.  Not like hot as in I need one extra water bottle, hot like I need 3 drink bottles an hour to keep going.  Last Saturday we started riding at dark, before sunrise and then I continued to ride for the next 3 and a half hours.  After 6 drink bottles, one 20 ounce Gatorade I was spent.  I had a headache from being so hot, and that usually never happens.  This week however has not been too hot but the weekend is near and they are calling for high 90’s with a high heat index, close to 110 degrees.  It is going to be a much harder and hotter ride and run this weekend but thats what builds character as my friend Patrick says.  So while most people are sitting in the air conditioning and relaxing on the weekend, think about the people who are out there sweating out the weeks work on the roads doing their training.  Maybe that will be an incentive to do some outside exercise themselves.

And a huge congrats to by buddy Brandon Davis for killing IM Lake Placid this past weekend and also to Annie who I went to high school who also killed Lake Placid.  Congrats to you both!

Have a great week everyone and be happy! Aloha


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