The Future

The future… Sometimes we sit back and have our whole life planned out, or so we think.  We can do this to get here, from there we can do this to get to a better place.  Well when you think you have your whole life figured out and one thing comes along and changes us, we get down and out.  The future is a mysterious place for some, and for some, we don’t think about it.  We live in the now.  What can we do now to get to where we want to be?

Living in the now does not mean that you can throw away your future thoughts and goals.  Living in the now to me is when you set smaller goals to achieve to get to the larger goals you have for the future.  A lot of people see living in the now as being, screw the future I am going to live it up now and not think about the future.  See for me living in the now helps with the small goals to help with the future long-term goals.  Whether it be doing an Ironman, an ultra, going back to school, getting your dream job, you have to start somewhere.  Put it this way, a person who wants to run a marathon who has been sitting on their couch and not running can’t just get out and run a marathon tomorrow.  They have to have small goals to get to the marathon distance.  This is just like life, you have an end goal, and by living in the now helps you get to where you want to be.  So living in the now for a marathon training person might mean getting the run in today, killing it on that mile you are on.  Thus, helping work towards the marathon.

If you can’t tell I have been doing a lot of thinking.  I have been trying to figure out my life in one week, how am I going to get there.  I have had to take a step back and see what my main goal is in the future and change the now to help get to the future.  I hope that this helps some people see that the future can only exist if you take a step back and live in the now to get to the future.



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