Recovery Week and Age Group Nationals

This week has been recovery week for the training and how it should be nice and relaxing with less workout then the three weeks before, it has felt a bit harder.  With the temperatures here in the South rising, the workouts feel much harder.  Take for instance my run after work last night, a 40-60 minute farlick run.  That basically means run a normal pace then kick up the pace during your run over a certain distance.  Well after the 2 mile warm up, I finally realized that the pick ups were not going to happen.  So I started a tempo run instead, bad idea.  I thought that it wasn’t too hot outside, yea I was way off.  I ran to the trails at UNCW and while the sun was not blasting on me, the humidity kicked in.  When I got back to the house and checked the weather, it ready 93 degrees, feels like 102 degrees.  Not the best time to do a serious workout.  I got it in but felt like all I got was nothing out of it.  Seven miles in the blistering heat, I will think twice next time I put a run off for after work.

As the Age Group Nationals comes closer and closer, I am beginning to get nervous.  I know that I can do the distance and I can put up a good time but the guys I am going to be racing against are fast, not like winning a race in a small town fast, like olympic’s fast.  I have been setting the pace on the swimming and the run I am not worried about, I can throw down 6 minute pace for a 10k.  The bike is where I am worried about.  There is a huge difference between racing an Ironman and racing an olympic distance race.  The pace is faster due to the distance, 112 miles in the Ironman versus 24.53 miles in the olympic distance.  A pretty big difference.  Looking at the bike splits from last years race I need to be somewhere around 1 hour for the bike, that’s rollin’.  But you know, I am just saying to myself, enjoy the experience, have fun, take it all in and if a top 18 comes in, I will be stoked.  See if I get top 18 in my age group, I get an invite to Worlds in New Zealand next year.  I was thinking about just running next year but it is over my birthday, what a better way to spend my birthday!?!  So, with that being said, I am going to push it till I have nothing left up there in Vermont, leave nothing left in the tanks..  It is going to be tough but that is what I like.  I will get to see where I am with 85 guys in my age group.

Well that’s about it here in North Carolina, another Aloha Friday is here with a long weekend of training and studying this weekend.  The library is calling my name after the workouts.  Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy what you have, and take time to spend with friends and family. Aloha y’all!


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