Swimming with a Wet Suit in the Pool= HOT

Since I got onto the Gatorade G Series Pro Tribe (Team), I post some blogs on the active site as well.  This was this mornings:

Well this is the last pool workout before Age Group National Championship in Burlington, Vermont on Saturday.  I really wanted a chill workout but I knew that coach was not going to let me slide by and have a chill workout.  With the race being wet suit legal, I opted for a pool swim with the farmer john wetsuit.  It was HOT! Very Hot to be exact.  After an hour in the pool with it, I decided to do the last part of the set without the wet suit.  Everyone in my lane was saying how I was cheating using the wetsuit in the pool.  When it came off, the times got faster so the wet suit was not helping at all.  I was feeling good.

When I woke up I was ready to get started using all three steps in the G Series Pro line, the 01- Prime- before workout which is a liquid with carbs to help boost the body for the workout, the 02- Perform, which comes in a sports bottle, and then the 03- Recover, a protein recovery drink.  The Prime helped me out this morning.  I took it about 30 minutes before the workout and started the workout feeling great, ready to rock out some serious yards in the pool.  With the water getting hot from my wet suit, the Perform cooled me down and helped give me the boost I needed to finish the set hard.  Then the Recover tasted super good, a recovery drink that does not taste like a normal protein drink, all chuncky and milky.  It was refreshing with the orange flavor.

With the race coming up soon, I am super stoked the shipment of Gatorade G Series Pro came so I can put it to the test up in Vermont on Saturday.  Well, have a great week everyone and be ready for the race recap on Age Group Nationals triathlon this weekend.  Who knows, if I get top 18 in my age, worlds could be next! Stay tuned for the results!


Okay so the shipment of G Series Pro came yesterday and it was huge.  My roommate said there was some boxes there for me and the UPS driver said to my roommate,” What do you do, why do you have so much?”  My roommate told him that we are triathletes and we love Gatorade! True and TRUE.  Then he asked my roommate for help getting all the boxes and my roommate was like, oh gosh, is our house going to be full with Gatorade now… Why YES it is but I am giving it out to people all around so if you want to try to new G Series Pro formula from Gatorade, come check out the house, grab you some!


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