AG Nationals with Bluegrass?

Age Group Nationals was this weekend and there was a great deal of competition that was there.  Getting up to Vermont was a long and tiring 17 hour drive but once we got there it was game time.

The expo was a great one with lots of information to take in about the course, the weather and everything else that might come along with the race.  At the expo, the G Series Pro booth was there and I got to meet the people passing out free samples and got to talk to them about the products.  I was wearing my shirt so they were glad to see someone racing with G Series Pro and have someone to talk to.

The race: Before the race, 30 minutes before I was drinking the G Series Pro pre game drink and it did the trick.  It had me up and ready with carbs for the day that was about to begin.  The swim started off great, got into the second pack of guys, as expected and we were moving.  Around the bouy to make a 90 degree turn the current started doing.  I did not realize that the lake had that much of a current but there was one.  It sent everyone off track and ended up swimming an extra 300 meters or so.  Doesn’t sound like a lot but when you are sprinting a 1500 meter swim, it adds up.  Through transition I was ready to get on the bike and have some fluids and get rolling through the hills that were out there.  Now you hear pro’s say that you learn something from every race and not every race is an “A” race.  Well I learned that this weekend.  Two miles into the bike, my Gatorade dropped out of my water bottle holder.  I chose not to stop and pick it up because I figured they would have something out on the course.  They did not have anything on the course.  I ended up holding 22.5 mph with no water or Gatorade.  Then came the run… I was done when I got off the bike, no fluids and pushing in the heat I knew the run was going to be a battle.  The first water stop out of transition I grabbed two G Series Pro drinks and 4 waters and walked.  I never do that but some races are not meant for you to kill it, they are meant for you to learn something about yourself.  I learned that during a race, stuff happens and your body has to adapt.  3 miles into the 6.3 miles, my body got enough electorlites from the Gatorade that I was ready to run finally.  I ended up running a 43 minute 10k which was not what I wanted but I finished strong and happy.  It was the first race I have ever finished and felt like I left everything out on the course.

The post race G Series Pro Recovery drink saved me.  I was wobbling all over and the protein drink and sat down.  When I got back up I was good to go.

The race could have gone a lot better, I trained for it to go a lot better.  But you know what, I know that I left everything out there on the course.  I learned some things during the race about myself and what to do when a drink bottle falls out, stop and pick it up.  Not every race is going to be great, but I had fun and the G Series Pro drink helped me the whole way!

After being gone for a while, I decided to go check out bluegrass last night.  I was super tired but went out any ways and had a blast.  The bar is a small dive bar in the ghetto and it was super cool, all mountain like inside.  It was the perfect way to end a great weekend!  Have a great week everyone!


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