Labor Day Fun

Well it has been a while since I have posted, I have a blog on the Gatorade Pro blog that has all my training adventures, check it out when you get a chance:


Okay on to Labor Day weekend.  While most people are celebrating or hanging at the beach, Saturday morning was all about guy time.  I went out on a ride with Dixon and Brian B. and had a blast, so much fun, so many laughs and an all out good solid time.  Saturday afternoon and night was spent at Carolina Beach with some amazing people.  After a long training day Saturday I was stoked to stay out past 9pm, I even made it to 4th meal… With the nights fun and laughter coming to an end on Sunday morning, CB is where I would stay for the night.  Then Sunday was a rough one, I am not as young as I use to be, I only had 3 beers the entire night but staying out late was what did me in.  Somehow knocked out a long run Sunday morning and then decided to head back to CB to help my buddy plant a palm tree that got uprooted during the hurrciane, and why not add a surf session in there also.  Fun times were had and I miss seeing my friends and hanging out and having random fun… more with that in a bit.

Monday was the day off of work, play time.  Morning surf session at Wrightsville Beach wasn’t that great, sideshore and wind chop, then afternoon shorebreak at CB was freaking awesome.  I went back down to CB with Emily and had a killer time, so much fun and so many laughs.  A great way to spend the day off of work!

Okay to random fun.  I have been doing a lot of thinking and some things have come into my mind that make me want to just relax and take some time to have fun.  Still work out but with no goal in mind, surf when I want to, run when I want to, swim for sure, and just have some fun.  Doing long distance races is fun, a lot of fun, but that is your life.  Your life revolves around eating, training, sleeping, and more training.  I have missed a lot in the past 6 years of doing it.  I miss seeing my family on their birthdays, miss going for a surf with the boys, miss just going for a run to go run however far I want to go, not what a piece of paper says.  So yea, that is where I am at now, chill and explore life and have some random fun for a while!

Until next time, aloha y’all.  Oh yea, look for next weeks post, at least one more addition to my life, can you guess what it is…. it will be with me forever!

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