Fun times

So yea, it has been a while since the last posting and I have been busy.  Training is going good, ready for the B2B to hurry up and be here so I can take a couple months and chill.  I have done a lot in the past 12 months in the racing sense: 3 marathons, 2 Ironmans, 2 Olympic Distance tri’s.  I am burned out and starting to get the non workout bug.  There is one thing for sure, I still love running.  I will run forever and ever.  It is my happy place as well as the water.  I want to get back to surfing all winter long and running, only running.

Well last night I finally got started on my half sleeve tattoo.  Check out the pic. I still have 2 more sittings to get all the color and details put in but I love it.  I was going for something Hawaiian with a phoenix in it as a rebirth in Hawaii, when I lived there.  My buddy Dixon at Cape Fear Tattoo hooked it up.  If you want a tattoo in Wilmington or Greenville, go there! Hands down the best tattoo artist and the sickest shops.  How can’t a shop be awesome with a stripper pole in it… come on now.


Okay well the week will be filled with more fun but for now, work time. Aloha everyone, make it a great week!

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