Thank you everyone

I have talked to numberous people who say they read my blog and support me through my next adventures in life.  First off, thank you very much for the support and I look forward to the upcoming years of having fun and doing things for fun again.  And secondly, thanks for reading this thing.  I had no idea people actually read this.

With that being said, I have my next adventure all lined up.  I signed up today for the 2012 Leadville 100 mile trail running race.  I have heard it today, you are nuts, why, what the hell is wrong with you.  But I love running and what a great place to go run.  I have a coach and can’t wait to start the next year all running and not doing anything before the run like triathlon.

Secondly, my paddleboard should be here this week so long distance traditional is going to take place all winter long.

This is a short post thanking the people that read this and I can’t wait to workout and hang out with all of you soon!


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