Back to the Water I go

It has been too long.

Too long that me and you have not been together.

You make me happy, you make me feel alive.

You bring me smiles in times of need, you have helped me through tough times.

You are warm and cold and everything in between.

In snow storms and hurricanes, you have been where I want to be.

Water, you are my happy place and nothing will change that!


Sounds a little wired, I know.  It is the place where I am happy, alive, feel at home, and want to be all the time.  I have missed surfing, swimming, and acting like a child in the water.  The winter is coming but that is when not a lot of people are out there.  I love that, quiet mornings with nothing but a board and the sunrise.

This weekend was nothing but water, a swim in the pool then the ocean with my paddle board and surf board.  It use to be my place and you could find me there if I was not at home.  I am getting back to that.  Something draws me to it.  I don’t know how to explain it.  When I have something on my mind, or just need to blow off steam from the day, I head to the water and it all goes away.  It relaxes me and people can tell when I haven’t been in it for a while, I get all clustered.  Well enough randomness for one day.  Have a great day and a great Thanksgiving week.  I am heading to Florida for the weekend to meet bee’s family and it just so happens they live next to the Gulf of Mexico. I have a feeling that I will be in there a lot over the Thanksgiving week!

Ka'imi, my new board!


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