Riding with Rick

Well it has been one weeks since the passing of one of my best friends.  It has been a hard road the past week but my friends and family have helped me through it.  I have never lost a friend before so it was pretty hard.  Going through my phone book to call someone and seeing his name is rough, but it will stay in there for the time being.

Rick’s funeral is planned for this coming Sunday in Kailua Bay then a service at the Unity church in Kona.  I wish I could be there but due to airline tickets being so damn expensive, I will not be able to make it.  I did my own paddle out for  him this past weekend.  It is funny, the surf was crazy and I was on my paddle board, not my surfboard.  The paddle board is smaller and makes it harder to get out.  I was talking to the surf and heard, “what the hell are you doing?”  I turned around and there was nobody in sight on the beach.  It got me thinking, was that Rick asking me that since the surf and ocean was so rough?  I didn’t think anything of it and paddled out.  I got to the outside and a freak wave crashed and took me all the way back to the beach.  It was him, he was telling me not to go out.

I went to the channel to do a paddle and sit there and talk with him, to say my goodbye’s, and to pay my respect in the one place we shared love for, the water.  I said my Aloha’s to him and then turned around to paddle back to my car.  When I turned around, a wave took me without even paddling.  The channel doesn’t have waves like the ocean so I rode the wave with a huge smile on my face knowing that Rick was helping me and saying thank you.  It was our wave, and he was pushing me the whole 100 yards I was on it.

So, last night I went to see Dixon.  Dixon is my good friend and tattoo artist.  I told him what had happened to Rick and that I wanted to get a shark tattoo on me with the words, A hui hou (hawaiian meaning Till’ we meet again).  When I talk to Dixon, I don’t have to proof anything, I know what I am getting when I get there.  He knows my style, and I love his style so when I walked in the door last night to see what he had drawn, I was almost in tears, a hammerhead shark with the words in the body of the shark.  Why a shark?  Rick and I were in the ocean together all the time.  We both shared our freakiness of sharks so I know he is out there swimming as a shark now.  Rick will always be with me until we meet again.

Till' we meet again.

I hope that everyone has a great day and enjoy your day, make it better than yesterday and one that tomorrow you will not regret.  Aloha!


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