End of the year Broken

What can I say, this year of racing has been wonderful and injury free.  With one Ironman, three marathons, 2 olympic distance triathlons( one being the national championships), and a whole lot of miles on my feet, I am stoked to have stayed injury free.  During the past month and a half I have been relaxing and running when I want, still doing a couple long runs to keep the base down, and just having fun.  Well… Monday I went for a fun run with a buddy pre dawn with headlamps and the whole 9 yards.  This is something that I do every week, I actually have never been to poplar grove and run the route we run in daylight, it is always dark out.  On Monday, the last mile of the run, I hit a root on the ground and ended up landing on the ground and my big toe hurt really bad.  Being that I can take pain pretty well I kept running and ended up with 6 miles and a hurt toe.  I thought that I just jammed it so I got into the car to drive to work like normal but I hit the break the first time and yelled a 4 letter word that starts with f and ends with ck.  It hurt, it hurt real bad.  I didn’t think anything of it, thought it was a jammed toe so didn’t see the need to go to a doctor for a jammed or even broken toe for that matter.

My buddy from DC is a doctor and I sent him the picture from when I woke up Tuesday morning and he said go to the doctor, it looks bad….


Damnit, I hate doctors! But with the help of him and my bee, I went to the doctors.  I got x-ray’s done and you know it is not good when the doctor comes back into the room and says I see something and need more x-rays to see what is up.  The end result, a broken big toe and ligament damage and I get to see him again in 2 weeks and see if I need to see an orthopedic surgeon about it…. All this over a toe, but with me being a runner, he said that it might be best to get the surgery to ensure that the toe heals correctly.  So I walk in the doctors office with two shoes on, and I walk out with the new k-swiss tubes… Check it out:



It is exactly how it looks, no running, no swimming, no biking, no surfing, no paddling, the only thing I can do is row on the row machine at the gym… So you know where to find me for the next couple of weeks!

So, what have we learned here… Tree roots break toes.  I have been lucky enough to not have an injury all year long and in the slow time of the year have this happen.  Thing is that I would not have taken time off, I would have just kept going which would probably have lead to something happening during peak training times.  Everything happens for  a reason.


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