Crazy December

Today the month has finally hit me, well just the past week and a half has hit me.  This has been the hardest month I have gone through in quite some time.  Having gone through this past month I have learned to take nothing for granted.  Losing a really close friend, breaking a bone, loosing everything on my computer to a cup of coffee (thanks Kiwi!) has really made me realize that the smallest things in life, the things we take for granted, are the biggest things that we need.  Let me explain: With friends, it is hard to keep in contact with them if you are thousands, or hundreds, of miles away.  It is hard with your work, life, and sport but the main thing is you need to.  You have to set aside a time when you talk, set up a phone date almost, so you can keep in contact with them.  Call when you are thinking about them, text them to wish them a good day or just to say hey.  No I can’t go back and change everything but I will be talking to Rick every time I go into the ocean, that was our place where we were always the happiest.  I know he is out there watching over me all the time but in the ocean I feel he will always be right by side swimming or paddling.

On to the broken toe.  I have raced a lot this year, 1 Ironman, 3 marathons, 2 Olympic Distance triathlons and hours and hours of training without injury.  With this injury that I got last week it has made me realize that this is a break, a rest time that I most likely need.  Now it isn’t easy at all since I love running, and my girlfriend said I love it more than her.  I do love running and not running is hard but my body feels good, minus one toe.  All the small aches and pains are going away and the body is coming back and going to be ready to race Leadville 100 in 2012.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a break, but a break is what my body needed and this is a way that I can take a break without getting stir crazy without a walking boot on…

Computers, why do we rely on them so much?  You probably would not hear a lot of graphic designers say that but this one does.  My laptop, which is the second one in a year has just been buried.  Due to a puppy and a cup of coffee, it no longer works, it’s completely dead.  It got me thinking though, why don’t we print out pictures anymore?  I lost all my pictures, again, and it makes me want to print out more to have just in case something happens with the computer… Enough about technology, it makes me upset.

With the holiday season here, and Christmas in 3 days, I hope everyone has a great time with family and friends.  And this Christmas time, don’t take anything for granted.  Enjoy the time with family, if there is arguments there, solve them and enjoy the time you together, cause as DMX (the rapper) says, “Tomorrow ain’t promised today”! It is true so tell the ones you love, you love them as much as possible, smile more, and enjoy life more!

Mele Kalikimaka- Merry Christmas


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