Last post of 2011

So this will be my last post before I have a week full of guest post as the New Year is coming closer and closer.  The intent for the guest post is to give you some positive energy to start out the new year.  Each writer has been through some sort of difficulty in their life and they have overcome it and lived to tell their story.  Each one of these people I know personally and have the highest respect for, from Pro triathletes, to non- profit company creators, to GM’s at soccer companies, I know their struggles I am lucky enough to call them my close friends.

As this is my last post, I am going to tell you what I have learned over the past two weeks of not being able to run.  I have learned to love the sport more than I ever have before.  You always hear, “If you let something you love go, and it comes back then it was meant to be”… Well I didn’t really let running go, I just couldn’t do it but I want it, love it, and needing it more than ever.  I have learned to enjoy the break.  The past year has been a long one, a lot of racing, training, and fun travels.  I need this break.  I have learned to take the time off and enjoy it, I have seen friends, family, and enjoyed roommate time that we have not had (both of us train so much we are never home at the same time), and not to mention spending more time with my girlfriend.  With all that being said, I am ready to get back to it.  The toe is healing and starting to work back up slowly, I have learned my lesson from years back about going out too hard after an injury.

Anyways, I want to wish everyone a safe and great New Years and bring in the new years with new plans, new goals, and a new outlook on life (All fun and happy times!) So until next year, Aloha and have a great one!


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