Day 1 of Guest Posting

This is from my old co-worker, the GM of Soccer American.  Steve and his family are amazing people who have been through a lot.  Enjoy day 1 of guest posting week.


“The end of 2010 and start of 2011 saw our family go from the edge of a dissolved marriage and loss of a son to drugs….to total and complete reconciliation of a marriage, a rebirth as a family, and the supernatural return of our son from the abyss.


In 2012, we look optimistically to the future.  While problems will, of course, continue to arise, we look to God as a partner in our lives and relationships.


The things we find ourselves thankful are beyond count.

In total:  Thanks be to God for His Son.  Without His sacrifice, I and everything in my life…past, present, and future, would be dead.”

Thank you Steve!

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