It’s Game Time

So, the past couple of weeks I have been slowly getting back into the running life.  It has been hard, going from being able to run 20 miles no problem to cutting the workouts to 5 miles.  I could still run 20 miles but don’t want to hurt my toe again.  It is something that I have learned over the past year, listen to your body.  So this past week  I have been building up the miles and getting ready for my coaching months that start February 1st.  Sign up is this weekend for the 50 mile out in Colorado that I am running so I am itching to get back to it.  Not much to say in this post, but wanted everyone to know to watch out, I am back at it, and back at it hard.  Gym time, run time, and rest time= game time.

Here are some pictures that I had to take for a photo needed for NOW Energy Bar.  Check out their site, it is a great bar and one that I will be supporting all year long!!!!

UNCW Trails


Lunch Time trail runs make the day go by great.


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