Well yet again, it has been a long time since I have posted.  Working two jobs and getting all my workouts in is making for some long days and leading to less and less time on the internet.  With that being said, everything is going good, fantastic in fact.  Time has a way of showing what we really need and want in our lives.  I have been busy but at the same time spending more time with my girls, my bee, and doing things outside since the winter has not come yet.  I have been super busy and running a lot but while running a lot I spend more time with my puppy who can now run 8 miles with me, my bee who rides her bike while I run my night runs, and with Maui who has figured out that she loves massages… I started massaging her legs one night and ever since then she will not let me just pet her, she puts my hand where I massaged her.  This is something that my dad has always said and I think it is true when it comes to me as well,” If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it”.  That is so true!

With so much time being spent out and about, running, living life, I have been going through something that is something I thought would not happen for years.  I can’t say much about it but all I can say right now is that I am moving after my lease is up, don’t worry, not moving away from Wilmington, but to a new house.  A place where I feel at home, I feel like I could have a family and raise some little ones (one day), a place where my dogs can run around a fenced in yard and have a ball… Get the idea…

I have also been working full on with the Coats Disease Foundation.  I went to California a couple weekends ago to meet everyone helping with the foundation, met all the doctors that will be doing research, and finding a way that I can raise more money this year so someone else does not have to be blind in one like I have been, and will remain for the rest of my life.  If you want to help donate, click the link to the side.  I will send over the documentary of the weekend when I get it, don’t worry.  It was an amazing weekend and one that I wish could have lasted a lot longer.

Well it is Monday again and it’s time to work and get a busy week started right.  Have a great week everyone… A hui hou.


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