My name is Chris Barnes, most people just call me CB, and I am 29 years old.  I live in Wilmington, North Carolina and love the beach atmosphere here.  I am an adventurous person who is always up for a challenge.  Life is too short to sit back and wait for things to happen.  I live by the quote, “Nothing in life worth having comes for free, you gotta’ work for it”.  I am a good ol’ boy at heart, showing southern hospitality like it should be shown.  I believe that you should live every day to the fullest, enjoy the life you have and enjoy the people that you have been blessed with to be around.

I have been through a lot to be where I am at right now.  Through 10 broken bones, going blind in one eye at the age of 15, and total knee reconstruction at the age of 18, I have learned you have to enjoy what you do.  Through God I have found that everything is a Test.  I have a tattoo to remind me of this daily, Test Yourself.  Everything you do in life is a test.

Training is what my life has been like over the past 5 years.  I am taking a step back from that now and just having fun, being back in the water surfing and paddling is where you can find me from now on.  Having fun to me means being in the water a lot more and strictly running.  I love running and nothing will ever take me away from that.  I have one race in mind for 2012 and that is Leadville 100 mile trail running race.  It will be fun, and yes that is fun to me.

Live happy and don’t forget to smile!



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  1. Karen Franklin

    Hi Chris –

    I happened upon you via the Jack McGovern website. I am 43 and have been blind in my right eye due to Coats since I was 12. I see that you live in NC and am wondering why you decided to support the JM cause as they are in CA. I have corresponded with Linda a few times and love how responsive and educated she is. I would love to somehow be involved in spreading the word and have reached out to a few organizations here in Tampa, but get no response. Aside from linking to the JM site, how are you speaking for them?

    January 27, 2012 at 8:47 am

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